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WonderspacED creates exciting learning experiences, spaces and content that lets children explore and discover their environment. We offer fun theme-based learning activities for children ages 5-11  Our uniquely designed lesson plans allow children to build their artistic, writing and critical thinking skills.

We pick key locations or topics in Ghana and explore them from a geographical, historical, mathematical, scientific and artistic lens. We also develop exciting learning materials, books and illustrated educational videos that enhance the learning process in children.

At WonderspacED, we believe that every child we work with is given to us by God and has a WONDERful purpose to fulfill.

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Classes & Activities


Saturday & Afterschool Programs

Our 3-hour Saturday sessions at International Community School (East Legon) are an experience you don't want your children to miss. We have lots of fun learning about a particular theme over an 8-week period. We explore our themes from a variety of creative angles which allows children to develop a deep understanding about the topic. Our WonderspacED Explorers are eager to learn fascinating facts about their environment, and we have noticed that children are more observant and curious about their surroundings. We also have a weekday session at Jamboree. Additional weekday programs will be developed and communicated.

*These classes will resume once the current COVID-19 restrictions are lifted.

Birds in Ghana series - Botanical garden

Field Trips

At the end of every 8-week learning theme, we organise an exciting field trip to a specific location related to our theme. Our WonderspacED Explorers love the hands-on experience. Both our trips to the Legon Botanical Gardens, and a chocolate making factory (57 Chocolate) were incredibly fun and informative.

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Online Learning

Join us as we explore key landmarks in Ghana virtually. Our online learning platform offers:
1. Weekly reading, writing, discovery and art activities.

2. Access to engaging, illustrated informational videos.

3. Interaction with other WonderspacED Explorers.

4. Visual examples and audio recordings that guide children.

5. 40-minute Zoom lessons each week.

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One-on-one Lessons

There are limited slots available for one-on-one learning. We offer writing, reading and art lessons for budding writers and artists that will help them excel. We are also eager to support children who may have difficulties with reading, writing and comprehension skills. At WonderspacED we believe that art skills and techniques are not reserved for the art-inclined child. All children can be taught to draw and paint.


Our Learning Themes

Keep up to date with our learning journey

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Currency of Ghana

Have you ever taken a very close look at the Ghana Cedi notes? Our WonderspacED Explorers made some very interesting discoveries as we carefully observed the currency notes. The features on each note introduced children to different parts of our nation's history, achievements and culture.

Plants in Ghana

Our WonderspacED Explorers were fascinated by the untapped potential of plants in our backyards. We learnt about the interesting names and uses of plants, met entrepreneurs doing amazing things with moringa and cocoa, and came up with our own plant-based inventions.

Birds in Ghana

We all learnt some very interesting facts about specific birds in Ghana. To help our WonderspacED Explorers remember these facts, we developed exciting games and activities. Every activity was developed to highlight a feature, behavioural characteristic or unique discovery about the different birds.

What parents say

"WonderspacED has made my son more imaginative. By being a part of the WonderspacED Explorers, he has also developed more artistic skills which I had hitherto not observed with him. It's definitely a great group for every child."

- Parent

"WonderspacED has helped my children develop new hobbies. They get to learn about diverse things while having fun."

- Parent

What you are doing is very different. Keep up the good work.

- Parent

The WonderspacED Difference

Find out what makes us different. Learn more about WonderspacED from our founder and watch our WonderspacED Explorers send paper rockets flying into the air.

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